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If 1 Picture is Worth 1K Words, What is a Solid-Model Worth?

Can you see all this can do from 2D? The 3D solid-model will show the rest of the story.

Effective Transfer of Information

When working on projects in product development, manufacturing, or automating production, the more information that’s collaboratively shared, the higher the possibilities the results will correlate with the scope of work (SOW). Pictures or 2D drawings can still be beneficial at conveying an idea or direction. Still, the whole story is missing a higher level of detail, which is where the feature hides, which are known to surprise when the new product enters the manufacturing or production phases.

Solid-models are a stating requirement for projects at SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies, whether provided by our colleagues or completed in-house for the project. There is just too much data that they offer! Take a look around our website, and you will see that when a higher level of details are required, you will see a solid-model for your 3D interactions.




SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies

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      Moving Product Design from Virtual to Reality

      New projects can require new products to fulfill our colleague’s objectives. Using 3D printing, give us a 2nd way to validate the design and brings the virtual to reality, abit at a scale less the actual. This enables a more robust design review before the prints are assigned to manufacturing. #domorewhenyouseymour

      3D models are a great resource that can bring the product, although at a smaller scale, to the team for a more robust design review. Here you will see a new product for a colleague’s project, that is not part of our standard internal platforms. We will still use our base and enclosure platforms, this will fit inside.

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      SAT new SHOP out in the wild…

      This week we were able to publish the new SHOP and website, superseding what we have been using since the beginning. With that comes both enthusiasm and apprehension. Over the decades, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of information in the various disciplines that feed into industrial automation and become the products the benefit from it. The assignment ahead is to characterize and disseminate it to out to your colleagues, to adequately assist them in our mission. This campaign will not happen overnight, but it will be a great benefit when we start using it as a resource, compared to the time it takes to load in the data.

      • Ability to formulated quote with premade forms
      • Opportunity for colleagues to present categorized data to build the quotes
      • A chatbot for when assistance is necessary.
      • Website membership for quote retention, review, and completion history.
      • An overall automated systems project scope, with separate boxes for describing the sub-project requirements.
      • Lightweight 3D maneuverable models, to further produce a representation of the product attributes.