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Contact assistance tool during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not all business entrances have an automated door, but most have handles. Here is a very simplistic, model that can keep you away from the door handle for the time being.

Rotational Door Handle, Elevator Door Button, and Ridged Door Handle are just a few interaction, but remember to keep it cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes.

The file, when downloaded, becomes your complete responsibility if used in any way and we shall be held harmless. You agree to these terms when you download the file.

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If 1 Picture is Worth 1K Words, What is a Solid-Model Worth?

Can you see all this can do from 2D? The 3D solid-model will show the rest of the story.

Effective Transfer of Information

When working on projects in product development, manufacturing, or automating production, the more information that’s collaboratively shared, the higher the possibilities the results will correlate with the scope of work (SOW). Pictures or 2D drawings can still be beneficial at conveying an idea or direction. Still, the whole story is missing a higher level of detail, which is where the feature hides, which are known to surprise when the new product enters the manufacturing or production phases.

Solid-models are a stating requirement for projects at SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies, whether provided by our colleagues or completed in-house for the project. There is just too much data that they offer! Take a look around our website, and you will see that when a higher level of details are required, you will see a solid-model for your 3D interactions.




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