History and Direction

About Us

How did we get here…

We have two decades of experience in diverse specialized industries: automated pick and place, material handling, automated in-line inspection stations, automotive OEM assembly, and aerospace powerplant. We have seen and solved many of the pitfalls that bottleneck the effectiveness and efficiency of companies, increasing the ability to compete.

Our background in combined technologies disciplines earned Masters in Advanced Technology, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Technology, several certifications and continued education in topics of Engineering, Quality, Methodologies, Project Management, and Leadership provides a unique perspective of both industrial design and process selection. 

SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies studio evolved to employ a multi-prong attack solving both design and process problems for our customers. With so many advances in all technical disciplines and the wide distribution of information, we know the most effective results come from choosing the right design and process that’s custom-tailored for your company. Not just the first one you hear or read about online.    

Our experience has shown that with so many ways to solve a manufacturing problem today, redundantly using one idea from days past, will no longer provide you with your best return. When you are competing for market share in today’s global economy. You need to be using your resources more effectively and efficiently than your competition or risk losing your advantage that will inevitably remove your company from the field of play. 

On the Shoulders of Giants

We’re here for you…

When starting with an old or new idea, it’s often hard to structure projects for the highest return on investment. With decades of experience in product development processes, we can design and guide the entire manufacturing process, gate by gate to deliver you the final product or construct a customer-specific model to fit your project requirements. 

Seymour Advanced Technologies studio always aims to assist our clients in developing world-class industrial equipment and products that meet their project scope. Our studio is well-versed in many forms of computer-aided engineering (CAE) and Integrated Manufacturing. 

We use the latest technology, CAD, FEA or CAM to design precise 3D virtual models, for manufacturing purposes in 2D drawings, machine code (rapid prototyping or machining centers) and inspection. One main goal is that once data has been produced, it will not need to be reproduced in another format for use. It’s counterproductive and human error-prone. 

We can provide a fully assembled and tested industrial machine to your required specifications with work instructions. Choose your level of engagement, from design reviews to project sign-off. Additionally, we can supply a reliability study and/or service schedule report to assist in maintaining your new equipment at its peak performance. 

You will have no limits when working with SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies, not even your imagination. Our history of innovating, intuitive, and best in class products will keep you further ahead of your competitors when you’re ready to compete for market share. 

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