Machine Tender Platform (MTP) Series

Delivering daily working stock straight to the machine

Automated Tendering<br />
Internal Palette elevator<br />
Automated Stocking (AS)<br />
Automated Retrieval (AR)<br />
Live-Docking Cart (TWC)<br />
Collaborative Robot &#8211; Cobot

Yakasawa<br />
Universal Robot<br />

Variable pallet count &#8211; 2-10<br />
Variable pallet sizes<br />
Pallet Tracking<br />
Satellite Work Order Data Input<br />
Multiple Grippers



Models on the website are only a light representation of the actual and can change at any time, without notice.
Rotating the wheel moves the model in and out, holding the left mouse button well translating will rotate the model.
The 4 opposing arrows are for full-screen and the arched arrow is to stops the rotation.

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      Showing all 6 results