Product 4 Project SHOP, not a Department Store

Hello, and thanks for stopping by the SEYMOUR SHOP. As we start to lay the SHOP’s foundation, for what we hope is a more natural way for you to be presented with technical solutions, you will also notice that we are not a regular department store with a checkout. The projects that we work on with our colleagues always need some “fine-tuning” to meet their goals. Which is why we have developed into the corporate solutions for many industries including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Energy Storage (Battery)
  • Heavy Equipment
  • E-Commerce and Packaging
  • Consumer Products
  • Life Science
  • Furniture

Models Reveal More Than Pictures

With the high rate of “customer-specific” end product, if we only showed an end product picture, you would only see the end result. Makes sense right, but what you would be missing are all the other iterative solutions that would still solve the initial problem. They just didn’t fulfill the end solution to one specific set of requirements. These are usually the attributes that deliver a new “customer-specific” end product, which is why we are SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies and NOT A DEPARTMENT STORE. Our colleagues want and deserve better; that’s why they arrive and stay. Remember our vision states: PRESENT COLLEAGUES COMPETITION DIMINISHING TOOLBOXES.

Knowledge Shopping

As our SHOP grows, you will see more available alternatives start to show up. These are for you to get ideas from and possibly how to solve your automation opportunities. Along with some opportunities to solve prior automation MTTR. All solutions will not fit, if they did our product line would not be diverse enough. As new technologies are derived, some old technologies will be replaced. We are here to present you with knowledge gained from our lessened learned (more knowledge also in the Blog) over the last couple of decades. Between the SHOP and the Blog, that’s where we will work together to pick your project solutions.

What are you waiting for, go see what in the SHOP, and read the Bolg, fill up a cart with your ideas and let us know by sending it into Us in a quote. Let’s keep the connection fresh with

  • Stop back and see what new things have been added
  • Becoming a site member and receive a newsletter
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  • Connecting on social media

Together we will mix up the right recipe for your project scope. To leave you with a little SEYMOURISM, you will…

Do more,

when you SEYMOUR.

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Showing 1–12 of 34 results