Integrated Manufacturing

Breed Effectivity and Efficiency

Product Life-cycle/Data Management (PLM/PDM)

Are your models not rendering correctly?

 Are you losing track of model revision? 

Are you wondering where the models went?

 Are you still entering BOM into your ERP/MRP systems by hand? 

Are you wondering why models change when no one says they are changing them? 

Why are there two or more exact same files and which ones do to use?

Modeling and Drawings Products (CAE/CAD)

Does your supplier question drawings callout?

Are there many evolutions of drawing style in your database? 

Do you have a corporate design standard to refer to?

Does each drawing reflex the designer rather than the company?

Are you finding drawing issues only after parts are scraped? 

Is everyone using their own templates?

Continuous Improvement Production Skill-Sets and Tools (CI)

How much time is spent to release a standard product?

Why are duplicate projects erratic in duration?

Why do things not go as planned?

What’s my largest non-value-adder?

Is there any leftover stock that needs to get reworked or scraped?

Product Development Process (PDP)

Do you find yourself jumping through hoops to get new products released?

Are there many revisions of one product released?

Did they need it done yesterday?

Is it failing to work in production as designed?

Are you wondering, how did we wind up with what we got?

Quality System (TQM)

Does your product completely meet your’s and your customer’s expectations?

Do you say what we do and do what we say?

Were the test results predictable and consistent?

Does the customer have exact part replacement issues?

Do you find issues with outsourced parts?

Has your customer said you have two parts under one part number?

Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Do you make new models with the same information for different departments?

When a revision is released, are you notified?

Do you design with specific cutters in mind?

Do you know the cost delta of the revision?

Is there any leftover stock that needs to get reworked or scraped?